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Tips for taking care of your body in Pandemic

Coronavirus has been there with us for almost a year now, as it is a respiratory disease  and wearing a mask is not easy. People are facing skin problems due to masks such as rashes, dry skin, and irritation

People should change their skincare routines on the basis of their skin as a different type of people faces a different kind of issues with their skin


As people are facing issues during the pandemic one should come up with a proper Face Care routine which should be followed by almost 90% of the people. So, follow (cleanser, toner, moisturizer) routine which will help you to keep your skin healthy and bacteria-free

  • So, there are some of the points which can be considered during the pandemic
  • Use proper sunscreen so that if one is wearing a mask for a long time does not feel any irritation 
  • Use a breathable mask whose stuff is very soft like cotton or silk
  • One should acquire a proper skincare routine
  • Cleanse and moisturize your face before and after using a mask
  • To prevent or relieve skin injuries caused by pressure or friction from masks proper bandage and ointment should be used


Keeping your hands clean and germ-free is really important nowadays and  sometimes Hand Sanitization also causes dryness of skin and some people feel irritated due to the sanitizer

So, some of the points that can be considered for Hand Care are

  • Use Lukewarm water with soap to wash your hands as hot water  can cause irritation or dry skin
  • Always moisturize your hands after washing hands
  • Usually, wear gloves to prevent germs interaction and some of the ingredients can be harsh on your skin

Another thing to keep in mind is that always wear a clean mask to keep the breakouts out of the bay and wash it regularly to get rid of the bacteria present in it.

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