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5 people of one family killed in Rajasthan:The woman, her 2 sons and 2 children lost their lives in the road accident; A son was married 3 months ago

In Rajasthan, five people of the same family were killed in a road accident near Sanchore in Jalore district on Sunday morning. The deceased include two sons, wife, Dohita and Dohiti (Nati-Naatin) of the Sanchore resident Ganpatlal Suthar. These people…

Bye-election to 3 seats, 27 candidates in the fray:8 candidates in Sahada, 9 in Sujangarh and 10 in Rajsamand, RLP screw between BJP and Congress in all three seats

According to the Election Commission, a total of 14 candidates have withdrawn their names while 12 nominations have been cancelled Voting is scheduled for April 17 in Sahada, Sujangarh and Rajsamand assembly constituencies, results will come on May 2 In…

50 lakh robbery in 15 minutes at Axis Bank:In the daylight, 5 armed dacoits show gun hostage, take cash placed on counter, pull woman’s chain

After the morning incident, police arrived on the spot, blockaded and started investigation In the Axis bank at Nimbahera in the district, 5 dacoits were attacked and 50 rs. The preparations for the dacoits were so strong that in just…

Vaccination in Rajasthan:Vaccination of 45+ people, server in Jodhpur, Bikaner disturbed, long queues in Ajmer, 180 centres in Jaipur city

Take Aadhaar, voter card or identity document with you if you go for vaccination The Corana vaccine is being installed from Thursday to 59 years of age across the state including the capital Jaipur. Corona vaccination has been started at…

Ras Pinky Meena to be granted bail to Pushkar Mittal after:Suspended RAS Pushkar Mittal granted bail from High Court, Aadhaar made to Pinky Meena in court; ACB submits charge sheet

ACB Jaipur team arrested on January 13 while Dausa SDM Ras Pinky Meena, who has been tracked with Pushkar Mittal, has already been bailed out Ras Pushtax Mittal has also got bail after ras Pinky Meena, who sought bribes. On…

Pilot and Shekhawat hugged:Sachin, Ajay Maken, who met Union Minister Gajendra Singh at the airport in Udaipur, watched; Gehlot accuses him of demolishing the government

In Rajasthan, former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot and Union Water Power Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat were suddenly confronted at the Dabok airport in Udaipur tuesday evening. The two leaders warmly welcomed each other. To move each other. He also…

Night curfew extended in RajasthanMarkets in 8 cities will close at 9 p.m., curfew from 10 p.m.; Also preparing to close schools up to VIII

In Rajasthan, the government has become stricter in view of the increasing cases of corona. The markets in 8 cities of the state will now be closed from 9 pm. It has been decided to impose night curfew from 10…

Celebrate Holi at home:Not 14 days can give the pain of a lifetime corona; Ask them who are vulnerable to the corona, do not know how long the side effects will bother

Holi is a festival. The festival of fun and colours has brought many restrictions due to corona this time. In such a way, the broken restrictions can get life-long pain. The corona is so lethal if once it is done,…