50 lakh robbery in 15 minutes at Axis Bank:In the daylight, 5 armed dacoits show gun hostage, take cash placed on counter, pull woman’s chain

After the morning incident, police arrived on the spot, blockaded and started investigation

In the Axis bank at Nimbahera in the district, 5 dacoits were attacked and 50 rs. The preparations for the dacoits were so strong that in just 15 minutes, they escaped by performing the incident. The entire area was agitated as soon as the information was received. On the spot, Nimbahera police arrived and were engaged in identifying the accused.

Guards, employees and customers held hostage

At about 11:45 a.m. on Saturday morning at Axis Bank in Udaipur Road, 5 dacoits rode on bikes. The five were armed with weapons. The guards, employees and customers were taken hostage as soon as they entered the bank. Then came directly to the cashier and escaped with 50 lakh more money. The go-to dacoits snatched 1 tole gold chain of a woman customer in the bank.

घायल लोन ऑफिसर रॉबिन सिंह हाडा।

The lone officer was caught by the gun

During the loot, a crook gave a gun from behind on the head of the bank’s lone officer Robin Singh Hada. In the meantime, Robin protested and grabbed the gun’s umbilical cord. The other crook gave the gun the butt on Robin’s head. Robin was injured, he has been referred to Udaipur.

SP rushed to the spot

Sp Deepak Bhargava has also reached the spot as soon as the information is received. The people in the bank have enquired about dacoits.

CCTV footage rinse police

Footage of CCTV fitted in and around the bank is being reconstructed to check the loot. The cameras on the way to escape the miscreants are also being examined. Every suspect is being interrogated by a blockade in the city. At present, the police have not got any information.

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