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Celebrate Holi at home:Not 14 days can give the pain of a lifetime corona; Ask them who are vulnerable to the corona, do not know how long the side effects will bother

Holi is a festival. The festival of fun and colours has brought many restrictions due to corona this time. In such a way, the broken restrictions can get life-long pain. The corona is so lethal if once it is done, even if it is avoided by death, there are side effects that will continue to bother many years or perhaps throughout the age.

The poor, the rich, the small-scale, whoever has a corona, is still living in the shadows of fear. There is so much fear that they are in fear of being cured of the corona, even after vaccination. Bhaskar spoke to corona warriors who had a corona and reached a very serious condition. Now, after the second web comes, what is the seriousness of the corona, and why should they be afraid of it? BP gets shootup, is extremely serious corona: Raghu Sharma, medical minister,

15 days after being corona and right, I felt very weak.

The doctors said, “Gradually everything will be corrected.” But there would be such a more dangerous situation, i never thought of it. Corona is a very serious disease and is a cure for prevention.

There are still times when there is sudden pain in the legs. BP shootouts seem to be there, weakness starts to feel. This is the situation when the Kovid was detected in the early stages and took full treatment. I think, if there was a little more serious, what would have been the situation?

The corona survived, but the sweat comes as soon as you think of the period: Dr. Manish

The point is september 16, as a daily patient was watching. Suddenly, the health was bad and the pulse rate was very low. There were many difficulties in breathing and the investigation was conducted. On 17th September, the positive report of Kovid came. The physics was so bad that heavy oxygen had to go.

Remediivir, oxygen, steroids and much more took medicines and the same order continued for 20 consecutive days. However, even after being recovered, there is always an unknown fear in the heart. I still check pulse rate and other checks almost every other day.

Strange thoughts began to come and went into depression. Slowly, but even today, the concentration has gone down. There is pain in the legs and depression. Creatinine increased. Since the longs had become very infected, it seemed very difficult to escape.

Thank God, the pain on life left was always there: Dr. Shiv Gautam:
I never thought that such a situation would have to go through. Corona happened, oxygen and then took to the ventilator. It was only the prayers that I survived. The psychiatrist was so much controlled by himself, but the mind was heavy on the heart. But there is still not a very good situation. Read the articles of the Gita, rigveda, the Hauka, and somehow kept themselves positive.

But you may also be able to learn that there was so much difficulty in breathing that it felt as if someone was pulling a body. The longs become stiff and oxygen does not go inside. The price of one breath is known. Was on high level oxygen for three months. Seven days ago, oxygen was there but there is still a very weak situation.

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