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Hit & Run Case: India’s Transport Workers End Strike After Government Assurance

The nationwide strike involving bus, truck, and tanker drivers in India has been called off after two days of protests, following assurances from the government that the implementation of new laws for hit-and-run accidents will be deferred pending further discussions with union representatives.

The strike, which entered its second day on Tuesday, had disrupted petrol and diesel supplies in various parts of the country.

Drivers of trucks, buses, and tankers had initiated a three-day strike to oppose a new law prescribing punishment of up to 10 years’ imprisonment or a maximum fine of 700,000 rupees ($8,405) for those who flee the scene without informing authorities after causing serious road accidents.

On Tuesday, the government announced that it would enforce these laws only after consulting with the All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC), a group of transporters actively participating in the protest.

In a statement, the government clarified, “These new laws and provisions have not yet come into force… We appeal to All India Motor Transport Congress and all the drivers to return to their respective jobs.”

Protesters had expressed concerns that this provision, part of a new criminal law replacing the colonial-era Indian Penal Code (IPC), could result in undue harassment of drivers, as reported by local media.

AIMTC Chairman Bal Malkit Singh confirmed that all issues were resolved after a meeting with the government and urged drivers to resume work.

Following the resolution, long queues at fuel stations began to dissipate, and petrol supplies were gradually being restored in several parts of Uttar Pradesh state, which had faced shortages due to panic buying.

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