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Bye-election to 3 seats, 27 candidates in the fray:8 candidates in Sahada, 9 in Sujangarh and 10 in Rajsamand, RLP screw between BJP and Congress in all three seats

  • According to the Election Commission, a total of 14 candidates have withdrawn their names while 12 nominations have been cancelled
  • Voting is scheduled for April 17 in Sahada, Sujangarh and Rajsamand assembly constituencies, results will come on May 2

In Rajasthan, three assembly constituencies have been set to compete directly in the BJP and Congress. The state’s Sahada, Sujangarh and Rajsamand assembly constituencies are to vote on April 17. According to the election commission, 27 candidates have now been left in the fray in all the three seats after the withdrawal of the name on Saturday. These include 8 candidates in Sahada, 10 in Rajsamand and 9 in Sujangarh. According to the Commission, a total of 14 candidates have withdrawn their names. 12 nominations have been cancelled.

Besides BJP and Congress, MP Hanuman Beniwal’s party RLP has also fielded candidates on all the three seats. It is believed that the RLP candidates in these three seats can prove to be their mathematics spoiler for both the major parties.

Sahada: 8 candidates are now in the fray for the bye-election to the Sahada seat of Bhilwara,
fearing the BJP-Congress.
 Gayatri Devi Trivedi, wife of BJP’s Ratallal Jat and late Congress MLA Kailash Trivedi, is in the fray. In Saharda, the BJP also unloaded Badadharailaila Jat in the collision of Jat candidate. The Congress will try to take advantage of the sharing of Jat votes. The second threat to the BJP may also be the return case of the angry Ladulal Pitalia.

There was a homecoming from the Congress in the BJP sometime back. However, in the absence of tickets, the angry Pitalia had filed an independent form. Thereafter, the BJP was charged with pressure to get back the form and withdrew the name. Now, after this episode, how the BJP will be able to normalize these situations by the day of polling, the decision to win the defeat will also depend on it.

Sujangarh: RLP candidates spoil 9 candidates
are in the fray for the Sujangarh assembly constituency ofChuru. Apart from the BJP and the Congress, the RLP has also fielded candidates. Sitaram Naik of Nayak Samaj has been contesting independents every time and collecting 5 to 6000 votes from here. This time they have been given tickets from RLP. The BJP has fielded former MLA Khemaram Meghwal and Congress leader Manoj Meghwal, son of late MLA and minister Bhanwarlal Meghwal. The direct collision between the two has given an interesting twist to the hero of the RLP.

Even once, no face has won the election for the second time. Sujangarh is a seat where the RLP candidate can change the air trend. This is the biggest threat to the BJP. A candidate contesting from the unemployed in Sujangarh has also withdrawn the name. The Congress issued a press note stating that the candidate has withdrawn the name after the government spoke on the demands of the unemployed late Friday night.

Rajsamand: 10 candidates have stood in the fray in Rajsamand after the BJP’s capture for
two decades, the congress returned to victory for the first time. There is a direct competition between the BJP and the Congress. The RLP is also in a forced manner. The BJP has given a ticket to deepti Maheshwari, daughter of late MLA Kiran Maheshwari. The Congress has fielded Tansukh Bohra as a new face. Since tansukh helped people during the lockdown in the Corona period, people have started knowing them.

In order to make a dent in the votes of Gurjar Samaj between the two, the RLP made Prahlad Khatana his candidate. The bye-election is taking off for the first time in Rajsamand. The Congress has not been able to win for the last two decades. For the first time, the party is dreaming of victory from here. While the departed BJP MLA was mla from here thri a time. What will be the result of the daughter in the seat vacated by her demise, it will be known only by the result on May 2.

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