Coronavirus: Covid-19 Vaccine may cost around Rs. 200

The ministers state that the coronavirus vaccine may cost between Rs. 200 to Rs. 295 in India. The ministers also said that around 54,00,0000 doses of vaccine have received to date.

Addressing in a press conference, Bushan stated that all the preparations are on the track for the vaccine of covid-19 and will be rolled out on January 16.

So, the prices are as follows-

  • A Pune-based drug firm serum Institute of India is making 110 lakh doses of vaccine at Rs. 200 per dose.
  • A Hyderabad firm is making 55 lakh doses of Covaxin Vaccine, in which 38 lakh doses are of Rs. 295.
  • BBIL is providing 16 Lakhs doses to the government at a special discount and hence cost Rs. 206.

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