Transparent Taxation Narendra Modi

PM Modi Live: Launches ‘Transparent Taxation’ Platform for honest taxpayers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched ‘Transparent Taxation – Honor of Honest’, a new platform for the honest taxpayers of the country. It has major reforms like Faceless Assessment, Appeal and Taxpayer Charter. Faceless Assessment and Taxpayer Charters have come into force today.

Faceless appeal will come into effect nationwide from 25th September i.e. Deendayal Upadhyayan birthday. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had announced the introduction of Taxpayers Charter in the last budget.

Last week too, he indicated the early implementation of this charter. The ministry said that CBDT has taken several steps to bring transparency in the functioning of the Income Tax Department.

Transparent Policy

The new facilities starting today are also a major step towards reducing the interference of the government from the lives of the people of India. Today, every rule law, every policy is removed from the process and power centric approach and the emphasis is on making it people centrelink and public friendly. The country is also getting good results for this. Today everyone has realized that short cut is not right.

Seamless, Faceless and Painless tax system

Modi stated that a complex tax system leads to low compliance and thus, its objective is clear legislation and low compliance burden for taxpayers. He said that the government was trying to create a smooth, faceless and painless tax system.

1500+ Laws finished

There was a time when there were big things about reform, decisions taken under pressure are also called reforms. Now this thinking and attitude has changed. Reform for us means that it should be policy based, not piecemeal and one reform should be the basis of another reform. It is not that once they were reformed and stopped. Over 1500 laws have been abolished over the years.

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