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udaipur shilpgram ustav 2019

Incredible Shilpgram Ustav 2019 Udaipur

Shilpgram Ustav is like a festival for the all udaipur people’s. They are enjoying a lots this Ustav every year and even year do better then the last year they did . All udaipur people’s are really excited for this Ustav. In this Ustav you will get the all cultures dance, music and all cultures activities of mewad. It is a most famous one of the Rajasthan’s festival in Udaipur. You get here many types of people with the many type of culture they are showing culture to all visitors.

Its Start form 21st  Dec. to 31st Dec. 2019. It will open from 10:00AM . to 10:00PM for all days of ustav.

There is you will get the many night programs and celebrities will come to attend this program and perform here.

Also you can check official shilpgram website to stay updated about the ustav. here

udaipur shilpgram 2019
udaipur shilpgram ustav 2019
udaipur shilpgram ustav 2019

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