Corona update 29-09-2020: 101 positives are found today.

Number of total positives 4385.

4 out of 101 positives, Corona Warriors, 20 close contacts, 77 new cases.

Udaipur 29 September 2020. Corona in the district also wreaked havoc today for the tenth consecutive day. Out of the last ten days from the Corona epidemic, a total of 140 positives were found on 20 date days, 105 positives were found on 21, 102 positives on 22nd, 113 positives on 23rd. And on 24th 103 patients were found. On 25th, 85 patients were found infected with corona. While on 26th 103, and day after tomorrow 106 Corona positives . Yesterday 80 positives were found. And today 101 positives were found.

In this way, 1038 positives have been found in ten days. Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Dinesh Kharadi said that on Tuesday, reports of 1076 persons were received, out of which 975 are negative and 101 are corona positive.

Out of 101 corona positives reported in today’s report, 71 were found infected from urban areas, out of which 3 corona warriors, 15 close contacts and 53 new case corona positives have been found. While 30 infected have been found from rural areas, out of which 1 corona warriors, 5 close contacts and 24 new cases are corona positive.

Thus the total number of positive cases has increased to 4385. While 3820 people have recovered and gone home. Currently 202 patients are in home isolation. While the active case is 516.

Cc – Heena Emmi Kumawat

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