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Actress Shruti Seth Undergoes Emergency Surgery.

Recently Actress Shruti Seth undergoes emergency surgery. She also posted a picture in the hospital and tell people to not take their health for granted. She also says my all new year and Christmas plans have been suspended as she is in hospital.

Her other words were,” besides all the fame, the ego, the personality and the life experience we are just biology”. Also, always take care of your body which is one of the biggest things to do nowadays. Food is a drug for the brain and body can relive on glucose drops. And I love food so much and I am missing it were the statements made by the 43-year-old actress.


Shruti Seth is an actress who is married to Dinesh Aslam and has a daughter named Alina. Shruti Seth is best known for her role in the popular TV show Shararat. She has also worked in series like suite life of Karan and Kabir. The actress has also worked in movies like Ta Ra Rum Pum and Rajneeti. Wikipedia.

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