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Corona infection rate increased by 2% in a week

In Rajasthan, the second wave of corona is reaching the peak. The state has received the highest number of 2801 new cases this year on Wednesday. The graph of infection cases as well as death and active cases is also going up rapidly. The infection rate in the state has increased by 1.92% in the first week of this month. Death cases are also coming up daily in May-June last year and April as compared to January, February and March this year. The number of active cases has also more than doubled, which is affecting hospitals.

The infection in the state was the highest at 12.28% on April 5. A total of 19,774 samples were taken on this day. Out of this, 2429 people were found infected. On the same day, 12 patients also lost their lives. In view of the increasing infected cases, the Government has imposed duty on IAS, RAS officers to monitor the private hospitals where 25% beds have been reserved.

Record cases of corona are coming to light in Maharashtra, which has become the epicenter of 3 mumbai bound flights and one ahmedabad-bound flight cancelled.
In view of this, people going to Mumbai are also cancelling their trips now. Three flights from Jaipur to Mumbai and one flight to Ahmedabad have been cancelled on Thursday due to low passengers.

Active cases doubled in seven days

Active cases are also increasing in proportion to the rapid growth of infected cases in the State. As of seven days ago, there were 8663 active cases across the state, which has increased to 18146 on Wednesday. Due to active cases, the load of patients at dedicated coweed care centres (hospitals) in Jaipur, Udaipur, Kota and Jodhpur has increased.

The state has been in a state of increased infection in the last seven days.

DatesampleInfected casedeathInfection rate in%
April 136,616135043.68
April 238,126142223.72
April 326,774167536.25
April 446,467172923.72
April 519,77424291212.28
April 651,7152236134.32
April 749,9482801125.60

A record 5.81 lakh people get vaccine, Gehlot writes to
PM Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has directed to intensify vaccination in view of the increasing cases of government corona in the state. A record 5 lakh 81 thousand 299 people were vaccinated in the state on Wednesday. This figure is the largest ever. The highest dose was imposed on 64,740 people in the capital Jaipur. On the other hand, Chief Minister Gehlot has written to PM Narendra Modi demanding that vaccination be started for people of 18+age group also.

Preparations to ban mass religious programmes on festivals

Jaipur Collector Antar Singh Nehra held discussions on corona with religious leaders of all major religious places in the city late on Friday evening. It appealed to the religious leaders to prevent infection and create awareness about vaccination. At the same time, the Collector indicated that in view of the rapid rise in cases in Jaipur, it has requested for cancellation of mass events to be held on festivals in the coming days. In the meeting, Nehra has given clear indications that we are going back to lockdown in view of the figure of covid infected marigo. Lockdown can also be imposed if required.

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