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Corona LIVE in Rajasthan: The speed of infection doubled in four weeks

The corona in Rajasthan is spreading rapidly. In view of the spurt in the infection rate, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has indicated strictness for 15 to 20 days in an online meeting with officers. It can be completely banned from restaurants, gyms and public events. The major reason for the strictness is that the state has increased the activity rate by two times in four weeks of March.

In Rajasthan, 8,000 cases have been found within a week while 16 patients have died of infection. Rajasthan has received the highest 1675 patients on Saturday, the highest in the data received so far since December 7. In view of the deteriorating situation in the state, night curfew has already been imposed in several districts including Jaipur.

10 districts worst affected

Jodhpur, Kota, Sirohi, Ajmer, Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Baran, Rajsamand, Dungarpur and Banswara. The fastest infection rate has been in Dungarpur. There has been a growth rate of 14.72%.

In 5 districts, more than 50 patients
in 6 have received district-wise patients in Jaipur on Saturday, 367. In addition, 113 patients have been found in Kota 199, Jodhpur 195, Udaipur 128 and Dungarpur. 71 new cases have been found in Bhilwara, 64 in Chittorgarh, 60 in Ajmer, 55 in Sirohi, 54 in Rajsamand and 50 in Alwar.

Source – Dainik Bhaskar

Number of new cases ever increasing

DatePositive Casedeath
April 3rd16753
2 अप्रैल14222
1 अप्रैल13504
March 31st9065
March 30th6650
29 मार्च9020
28 मार्च10812

56% are increasing every week the

number of active cases is also increasing rapidly with the increase in the number of corona cases in the active case state. Active cases are growing at an average rate of 56% every week in March. Within the last six days, 4679 active cases have increased. By the end of February, there were a total of 1308 active cases in the state, which have now risen to 11 thousand 738.

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