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Corona Update: Infection is increasing at a fast pace, Udaipur at 7th position in Rajasthan

Udaipur. The city has faced the covid19 infection a lot in the recent days. Still, the situation is far better in Udaipur compared to other districts. People need to keep all the precautions too. In Rajasthan, Udaipur stands at the 7th position for the most positive cases.

On Sunday, there were 91 new cases found. 54 were from the gramin area. 16 among these were from the Kherwara region.

CMHO Dinesh Kharadi informed that a sample of 1342 people was tested. 1251 came out to be negative and 91 positive. With this, the positive cases number has increased to 9822.

According to sources, a 74 year old lady residing in Shakti Nagar lost her life due to covid19.

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