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Covid Update: 94.87% patients recover, only 4.1% cases active

Dainik Bhaskar. There has been a lot of chaos in the month of December because of the high increase in the number of covid patients. But now there is a sigh of relief as 94.87% patients recover from the deadly virus and only 4.1% active cases remain.

The number, to be exact, 10,019 patients have defeated corona and there are only 433 active cases present. 1%, i.e., 108 people have lost their lives.

CMHO Dr Dinesh Kharadi said that yesterday a sample of 1383 was tested. 74 were positive. Among them, 40 were from the city area, of which 2 are corona warriors, 12 close contact, 26 new. And from the gramin region 34 found positive of which 3 warriors, 12 close contact and 19 new positive cases.

With this the number of cases till now has become 10560. If the people stay aware and safe and maintain protocols set by the government, situtations can be under control.

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