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India reaches on top after booking 160 crore vaccine doses

The world is facing the fear of the corona virus. Every country is preparing itself to save from the deadly virus. India is also on its way towards winning the battle against the virus. India has booked the available vaccines and planned their storage and distribution.

Duke University’s Launch and Scale speedometer says that India has ordered 160 crore vaccines. It has ordered for 50 crore doses of the AstraZeneca of the Oxford University. AstraZeneca vaccine is also booked for America and European countries.

Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine – India has booked for 500 million doses. America also has booked for the same quantity. European Union has ordered for 400 million doses. On the other hand, Britain has booked for 100 million doses. Canada has ordered 20 million doses. AstraZeneca is the only vaccine ordered by many countries. In India, its trial is conducted by the Serum Institute.

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