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10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in India

As an entrepreneur, you must have looked for the best mobile app development companies in India. It is necessary too because mobile apps improve connectivity more than any other medium. These apps enable users to engage in such innovative ways.

The mobile apps that are in use today have changed the aspect of communication. Thus the job of a mobile app developer has also become more necessary and enriching in the modern business economy.

Mobile app development is the process which enables creation of applications for devices with the android operating system. It is stated by Google that app development is possible by using languages like C++, Java, and Kotlin.

Mobile apps undoubtedly make everything easier. You carry your phone along with you wherever you go. That is the reason that online mobile app development market has grown a lot. Mobile apps are the best way to connect with your customers and are a great marketing tool as well.

We have curated a list of best mobile app development companies in India that will facilitate your search and reduce your burden to filter among many companies.

List of best android development companies in India   

1. OpenXcell


OpenXcell is an industry leader in web, software, and mobile app development. It is well known for delivering creative solutions and engaging mobile apps. It is renowned as the best as it has a team of skilled professionals who have outstanding capabilities. Their main objective is to deliver world class business solutions.

2. CLA Technology

CLA Technology is an Udaipur based IT and software Development Company. It has a skilled team of professionals that have an expertise in the field of application, website, and software development. They are focussed to deliver the best quality output to their customers since their inception. Not only this, they also have a team that establishes your online business presence via digital marketing and search engine optimisation. They are a dedicated team of workers and have established themselves as the best in town in a very short span of time.

3. Kartora Global

Specialising in clone development of various apps, Kartora global is yet another company for android app development. They have till now developed clones for many budding entrepreneurs at a very affordable rate and with a lot of features. Kartora offers a full range web and android development and assure you guaranteed results. They make apps user friendly and easy to use. Their team of diverse experts fulfils every requirement of your business.

4. HyperLink Infosystem

hyperlink infosystem

It is an ISO certified IT company that provides software solutions. It is a renowned organisation based in Ahmedabad, India. Hyperlink Infosystem has a dedicated team of professionals that create cost effective and dynamic solutions for its clients. It has grown to be listed among the best android app development companies.

5. Konstant Infosolutions

konstant infosolutions

It is a software solutions firm situated in Jaipur. It is one the best android and iOS app development company in India, established in 2003. The main motto is to give quality services to the clients and make their business prosperous. They have served more than 30 companies in the past 16 years.

6. Pixel Crayons

PixelCrayons is an award winning app Development Company established in 2004. They have been providing their services since their inception through the amazing IT outsourcing services. They have skilled experts in the field of web, mobile, and software development.

7. Sourcebits


Sourcebits is aglobal innovation and solution agency situated in India. They integrate technology solutions with the business and transform it completely. They have people in their team that have in depth knowhows of development and are dedicated to give results to the clients.

8. Dew Solutions

Specialising in mobile app development and web development, Dew Solutions is an IT company serving global clients. The team here has a deep technology exposure and have fluent communication skills. They are an expert in java, python, angular and everything that technology experts should know. They assure quality before anything.

9. IndiaNIC infotech


This is an Ahmedabad based IT firm established in 1998. A strong team of ios and android developers facilitates their clients with applications with easy interface and best features. They enable you to assemble applications, technology and business objectives to augment sales immediately.

10. Hedgehog lab

It is a global software consultancy that specialises in multiplatform app development. Its headquarters are in London and branches in 6 countries across 3 continents. They have a strong team of developers that contribute to the success of your business by providing application with best features.

Outsourcing your company’s app development is the best method to get maximum outputs. The experts that develop the mobile app know completely what is required and what is not and therefore they can be trusted with quality. Good quality app with easy user interface and multiple features brings in best results.

The app and website development companies play a significant role in serving us with the latest technology. That is why, if you want to get the best application developed, you must invest time in looking for the best mobile app development companies in India.

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