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GOLD of Rs.21 lakh in Juicer

Another case of gold smuggling, brought from Dubai hidden in juicer maker

Another case of gold smuggling was detected at Jaipur airport on Tuesday. A labourer had hidden gold inside the metal under the motor of a juicer (yogurt, shake maker). He was caught by customs in the morning during checking. Gold weighs about 461 grams and costs Rs 21.36 lakh. The department has seized the gold and arrested the youth. If it had sold the gold in the market, it would have gained Rs.1567.40.

Take risks to save tax and purity

The biggest reason for smuggling gold is saving 7.5% import duty. Moreover, the second major reason is the purity of gold. The price of 24 carat gold in Dubai is currently Rs.41.81 per gram. Bringing gold from Dubai to India attracts 7.5% duty. Smugglers bring a large quantity of gold here to save this duty. There is a saving of about Rs.340 on one gram. If a person brings 100 grams of gold from Dubai secretly, he is saved 34,000 rupees.

Youth caught in Gujarat

Additional commissioner of customs M L Shera said the arrested youth is 23 years old. He hails from Dwarka Gujarat. In Dubai, the ship works as a loading and unloading of goods. It was in Dubai that a man gave him this machine and said that you will find a person at the airport, he will recognize you. He will take the machine from you and give rs. 1000 in return. The same man also got the young man’s air ticket done.

When the luggage was checked after the machine
arrived at Jaipur airport in the early hours of Tuesday, the machine was detected in the trolley bag of the youth in the scanning machine. When the customs department staff suspected this, they pulled out the mixer machine from the trolley bag and opened it. The round underneath his motor showed a black metal. When the metal was cut with an electric cutter, gold came out of it.

The fourth case
of smuggling in a week was detected by the customs department a week ago in a day of gold smuggling at Jaipur airport. Today, this is the fourth case in a week. On 31st March, the Department had seized 1 kg of 130 grams of gold in three separate cases, priced at Rs 52 lakh.

Only those living abroad can bring gold
for a year If a male passenger has been living abroad for 1 year, he can bring 50,000 gold jewellery with him when he comes to India. While a woman passenger living abroad for a year can bring gold jewellery worth up to Rs 1 lakh. They will not have to pay any customs duty on this. That is, this duty will be free. On the other hand, if they bring more jewellery, they will have to pay customs duty as per rules. If gold is being brought in addition to jewellery form, it will have to pay 10 per cent duty.

23 cases in
last one year, main accused yet out of grip Customs has detected 23 cases of smuggling in the last one year so far. But so far the main accused could not be caught in a single case. So far customs do not consider these accused as professional careers in all cases. So far, not a single main accused has been caught in the custody of customs.

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