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Open the four gates of Fatehsagar today, Gates opened in the presence of collector at 10 am

Udaipur 6 september 2020 .After all, the sea of happiness of udaipurites spilled. Yes, all four gates of Lakecity’s Fatehsagar were opened today. Every morning around 10 am, the gates were opened . Collector Ram Deora was present with others officers while opening the four gates of Fatehsagar.

Fathesager Lake, Udaipur

The city is still under the spell of heavy rains (till the news is written). Here , a gate of the Swaroop Sagar dam has been closed. Only one gate is open now. The arrival of water from the Madar Canal in Fatehsagar continues.

The inflow of water for the 2020 season began on 24

August with the waters from Picchola and Madar canal beginning to enter Fatehsagar. Subsequent to that, it took 12 days of often moderate and intermitted heavy downpours to fill up the feeders Madar lake Picchola through Sisarma river, which begins at Popelti.

Once these lakes began to overflow , the water began coming in the Fatehsagar along with the local rainfall. In 2019 ,  also the lake gates were opened on September.

It is nothing short of festival when the Fatehsagar lake overflows and the Chaadar , as locals call it, is a sight to witness.

The local establishment has set up colored lights near the overflow point along CCTV cameras to prepare a live feed of the overflow.

Today , people have started walking around picnic spots since the dawn of sunday. 

CC – Divya Kothari ,Udaipur

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