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The Gabbar of Sholay is amit Shah: Dr. Raghu Sharma

The bye-election to Rajasthan is becoming interesting. Especially the Sahada seat of Bhilwara. In this seat, the Congress is consistently an aggressor on the BJP in the case of Laduram Pitlia. On Monday, Medical Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma targeted Shah. He described the country’s home Minister Amit Shah as Gabbar Singh of the Shole film. Says, in the name of BJP Amit Shah, these days, every state is elected or governments are threatening everybody.

In a media briefing convened to discuss the Corona guideline at jaipur-based residence, Sharma spoke on corona-speaking bye-election. He questioned the credibility of the election Commission and said that public candidates are being intimidated today. The audio of the BJP people is going viral, but the Commission is sitting blindly.

Referring to the viral audio in the Laduram Pitlia case, he said that he was given locks by Karnataka Finance Minister R. Ashok and Legislative Council member at all the shops of the family members of Pitlia in Karnataka. The police sent them and intimidated them. The audio of BJP MLA Jogeshwar Garg is going viral in which he is saying that Amit Shah’s eye is all over.

While hitting the Shole movie dialogue, Sharma said that if a child cries in the 50-mile area, his mother says that the sleeping son will come gabbar. He is the home minister of the country or Gabbar Singh. The BJP explains why so much fear is being spread in their name. He said that today, those who have the responsibility of maintaining peace and tranquility, law and order of the country. That face has been made Gabbar Singh today.

Now, even the BJP people are not spared…

Sharma said that so far, the BJP’s central leadership has been attacking the opposition through other agencies including CBI, Ed. Now, they are not the BJP people. Pitlia is the biggest example of this, which is from the BJP itself. They will be seen and rubbed today, as they are being silenced by threats, being prevented from contesting elections.

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