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Ajmer-Udaipur 1st goods train runs on Saturday

The first electrified railway route train between Madar and Rana Pratap Nagar station runs on Saturday and it was really successful. The train inaugurates by the North Western Railway. The train with an electric engine started at 3.20 am from Madar and reached Udaipur at 10.45 am.

The Ajmer-Udaipur train electrified rail route covers a distance of 294 Kilometres and cost around 320 Crores. The train got the green signal on 18 December 2020, and the first route started on Saturday. The work of electrification is still going on in the Ajmer- Palampur section.

DRM N K Parsuramka said, “that people are waiting for this day since years when an electric train would run on this route”. It’s a golden moment for all the divisions.

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