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Coronavirus positive found in udaipur

A 15-year-old boy was found corona positive in Udaipur

Coronavirus Udaipur: The city of lakes, that is, the city of tourism, and the whole city of Rajasthan was focused on this tourist city.

Everyone feared that Udaipur city would be the first victim of infection of Coronavirus as thousands of tourists come here every day and also come in contact with each other.

Not a single positive case was seen in Udaipur till Wednesday, April 1 due to the promptness of Udaipur district administration.

But on Thursday, the news of the 15-year-old boy resident of Mallatlai Raja Colony being positive and shocked the entire city. It is being told that the family came from Indore a few days ago and the 15-year-old boy of this family was found corona positive on April 2, Thursday.

The city was stirred as soon as the child was reported to be positive. The city that had been safe till now felt insecure.

However the entire family has been quarantined and is under the supervision of the medical department.

You want to assure everyone that Udaipur district administration and medical department are fully prepared.

There is no need to be afraid in this way, but to follow the guidelines given by the administration and the government, and at most stay in their homes and do not leave their homes.

Time and again the district administration makes the same appeal and the Udaipur Mirror also wants to appeal to all of you, supporting the district administration, to stay in their homes and make Udaipur safe.

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