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Corona news udaipur

Uncontrollable corona:Four dead from Corona , 33 new infected

Uncontrollable corona:Four dead from Corona , 33 new infected including Devasthan Assistant Commissioner, three doctors -three nurses found

Increasing infection in the city:3063 infected so far in udaipur, 50 have been killed

A 56 year old male resident of Corona-infected Tekri Udaipur , a 46 year old male from Chittograrh and 72 year old male and a 65 year old resident of Neemuch were admitted to ESIC kovid Hospital in Chitrakoot Nagar on Monday . So far infected people died in udaipur from Corona.

33 new corona infected patients have been found in the district. Of this 24 have been found in urban and 9 in rural areas. City Kovid -19 In-charge Dr.Shankar Bamia said that 48-year old Assistant Commissioner of HeadQuarters Devasthan Department Office, 26 year old female doctor of Rnt Medical College 36 year old male doctor and 32 year old male doctor , 32 year old female nurse, 31 year old male nurse And 29 year old male nurse Corona has been infected. A total of 3063 corona infections have been reported so far in Udaipur.

Precaution: Commerce College 11, Science Department of Science and Tourism Building will remain closed till 10

On the orders of the Supreme Court , after the administrative building of Mohanlal  Sukhadia University, which conducts UG-PG final year examinations from September 12 this month now the constituent college also corona transition are being closed and fears of Commerce College Dean Prof. Renu Jatana issued order on Monday that the assistant of the college working assistant Acharya’s brother was found to be Corona positive. Assistant Acharya used to come and go in all the departments.

In such a situation, the college has been closed till September 11. Science college dean BR Bamania issued orders that corona, the daughter of a staff in the chemistry department, was infected. The chemistry department is closed for three days. Director of the Faculty of Management Studies Prof. Hanuman Prasad issued the order starting that the tourism department has been closed till September 10 on the corona positive of the employee working in the tourism building

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