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Coronavirus Updates

Covid-19 reaches new heights- 184 positive in one day

Udaipur has seen a rise of covid-19 patients post-Diwali. The number of positive patients has risen with the decrease in temperature. Udaipur recorded 184 positive patients. Among these 10 happened to be Covid warriors. 50 came into close contact. The new cases found were 122.

According to CMHO Mr Dinesh Kharadi, 7639 patients recovered and sent home. The number of patients isolated in their homes is 477 out of 606 positive cases.

New orders- Night Curfew in Udaipur

There will be a night curfew from 8 pm to 6 am. All the owners and workers must close their shops and offices by 7 pm. Also, there will be strict surveillance all around the city between 8 pm to 6 am.

No gatherings allowed without permission

Marriages, tournaments, entertainment, schools, and religious programmes cannot be held without the permission of the district collector. Only 100 people will be allowed to accommodate. In addition to this, all the details including name, address, and phone numbers of the guests will have to be recorded.  Likewise, thermal screening and sanitisation are compulsory for such occasions.

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