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First session of Panchayat Elections complete

The first session of the zila samiti polls has completed successfully in Udaipur on Monday. The polls began in the morning at 7:30. It continued till evening 5 pm. The election proceedings were conducted on 681 booths where the citizens exercised their right to vote. These polls were conducted to elect 11 Zila Parishads and 93 panchayat samiti members.

Results to be declared on 8th

67.11% of the registered voters complied with their right to vote. The result of the election will be declared after the counting completes on 8th of December, 2020.  

Well managed elections in times of covid

To ensure safety from the covid-19 and carry on smooth election process, the administration made proper arrangements. Under the arrangements, all the guidelines of social distancing were followed. No one was allowed in the election centre without wearing mask and thermal screening. The well managed elections were supported by the volunteers of scout and guide in their respective uniforms.

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