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5 breathtaking gorgeous Airbnb’s to check-in in 2021

There is nothing like home because home gives you a very cozy feeling. Be it the comfort of your own bed, or you can go to the kitchen for your favorite food and the coziness of home cannot be replaced.

So, for your home like experience, I would like to introduce some of the Airbnb’s which will give you home like experience.

To make your holidays better here is a list of some Airbnb’s you would like to visit in 2021


If you want to experience a thrilling adventure, far away from your city paced life so this place is definitely for you. This place gives you a chance to go on a mountain trek and you can also stay in well-designed rooms and you can also play indoor games. this place also offers a wheel-chair experience which gives a plus point to differently-abled, which makes it greater.

Where – Uttarakhand


This place gives a great feel of wooden architecture in the wild terrain of Leh. Woodyvu Stok House also gives a 360-degree uninterrupted view of Leh. At this place, you can experience ancient beauty with modern amenities. So, come here to have a great time and fall in love with a beautiful house.

Where – Leh


If you want to live like kings and queen’s so, this place is for you. This castle is located in Aravali Hills, and it is the combination of the royal aesthetic infused with modern culture. This place also offers a private lake and its own bustling wildlife which includes animals like Leopards and porcupines and will give you a lifetime experience.

where- Rajasthan


If you are visiting Nainital, you should definitely visit La Belle Vie. The whole place is made with natural stones and high-quality wood and is located 100 meters away from Naukuchiatal Lake. The house also gives you the option to cook your own food, if one wants to order the food they can also do so.

Where – Nainital


Imagine sleeping on crystal clear water, with sound of birds and greenry around you. This waterboat will give you the exact experience where you can explore kerala while sitting in the houseboat with an extremely helpful staff with fascinating food and cold breezes all around, this vacation will give you a awesome experience

Where – Kerala

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