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Best IT development companies in India

As we are living in 21st century, the focus on Technology is increasing day by day. There is a constant boom in IT Technologies throughout the world. Things like cloud computing, privacy and online security has become a major service being served by the best IT companies.

Also, India has become one of the fastest growing IT Industry through the past few years because of which it has seek world attention. India is now the powerhouse of software Companies.

Some of the best IT Development Companies are –


It’s a large service provider company with 4 Lakh employees over 46 countries throughout the world


It is the second largest company which has over more than 2lakh employees and its headquarters is in Bangalore


It is one of the oldest company with 1.5 Lakh employees in 6 continents.


Its headquarters is in Noida with 1.7 Lakh employees in 30 nations.


It’s a company which is well known for its service in software , maintenance and engineering design

These are the companies which contribute to one third of the overall global Business .

Overall, I want to Conclude that India IT Industry is rising high and high as we see the graph of past years and In coming years the sector expects a large growth.

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