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Global health issue to track in 2021

2020 was the vast year due to the corona pandemic. No one wants another year like 2020. It’s almost 2021 and Till now people are suffering from the disease.

So in 2021, countries around the globe will still fight through covid-19. They will need to move slowly to repair their health condition WHO also says that we will help the countries to build a better environment.


One of the clearest lessons corona has taught us is the consequences that health is before any other things whether it’s money, make-up, or any other things. In 2020 we were not prepared at all to face the consequences of the pandemic. But, further years will be different as we have learned a great lesson.


As we were not ready in 2020 and we have no equipment to deal with the situation. But further, we will have the whole area covered and all the equipment will be ready beforehand. WHO also says that advance universal health will be covered.


In 2020, we didn’t have the proper drugs to cure the disease. We can only cure the disease if we have effective medicine available. In future years, we also have to take care of all the medicines which are needed depending upon the disease.


In 2020, the officials were not trained enough to get rid of the disease. It also states that proper calculations should be done and by identifying them new methods should be implemented to improve global health. To provide the world the best care proper record should also be implemented.


After seeing the crisis of the 2020 pandemic, all the countries and nations should be one step ahead. Everyone should be better as they were before in all senses. This would help ina unique opportunity to build a better, healthier, and greener world. Also, getting rid of all pollution is also really effective.

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