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How to establish a long-term SEO Strategy

The idea of SEO strategy has changed for over years now, Usability and mobile experience have become more important elements in the past.

More than anything, content is the only thing that matters for your website to rank higher on all search engines. Google has stated if someone has a horrid design of any website, it can still rank first.

Some of the steps for proper SEO includes-

Competitive analysis

Track your competitor’s keyword research and search volumes. You can simply analyze what your competitor are doing for making their website rank higher.

Get creative

Try new content for your website and try creating widgets or badges that link back to your site and that customer, vendors or affiliates can put on thier website.

start blogging

unleash your inner riter and create well furnished blog with well-researched, in-depth blog post. Having blog content on your site to link to you, it;s easier to get them to link them in a blog

Use structured data

When you search for cookie recipes in Google and see a carousel of recipes appear before the actual search results, those result snippets are from website that provide google a specail markup.

Consider guest posting

Another valid way to gain new visitors is guest posting on other blogs. Then you can publish content that link back to your website or blog. Just make sure what you write is rich and authemtic.

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