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Maruti Suzuki reports a 20% rise in vehicles sales

According to a report, Maruti Suzuki in India sold 160,226 units in December and 1,33,296units in the corona period. The graph is higher than the whole year for December. The company reports on Friday that there are 20% more sales in December.

Maruti Suzuki has sold 1,22,784 units last December 2019 and now the sales are greater than in previous years. The company also posted that a 14.6 percent growth is seen in domestic units which count to 1,46,480 units in December 2020 .

Maruti Suzuki has also informed that 14.5% more sales are seen in the entry-level segment which includes cars like Alto and S-Presso to Baleno. And the utility segment contributed more than 13 percent than the previous year.

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