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India logs 21,821 new covid cases in the last 24 hours

The number of active cases in India has increased to 257,656. And in the last 24 hours, India has recorded 21,821 new coronavirus cases and 299 deaths. So, now the total number of active cases is 10,266,674 and the total deaths which have been recorded are 148,738.

The ministry on Wednesday said that the daily recoveries in India have outnumbered the fresh new cases adding 78 percent of the new recovered cases.

Maharastra has witnessed a reduction in the daily number of cases. For almost 25 days there have been less than 5,000 corona cases. Delhi, on the other hand, logged 677 fresh cases and 21 deaths on Wednesday.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said the corona vaccine is available to people at risk at all across and is available in all countries.

If we see an overall world graph, the covid 19 cases climbed over 83 million with 1,812,188 have died and nearly 59 million has been recovered.

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