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The colour of Holi in the state will fade:In Jaipur, there will be no splash and pushtax cloth tearing Holi, not in Beawar, the king’s ride, not even in Udaipur.

Ban on mass event in Rajasthan, Holika dahan ceremony, no congestion.

In Rajasthan, Holi has now joined the list of all festivals in the shadows of Corona for the past one year. The state Home Department has completely banned all programmes to be held at all public and religious places on 28th and 29th March in the recent past. Under these orders, the colour of Holi will fade in all the cities of the state this time. However, the Holika combustion ceremony will be paid, but there will be a ban on gathering crowds.

In Ajmer, The Emperor Ashoka’s ride is taken on Holi, which will not take off this time due to corona guidelines. The cloth being held in Pushtax in the past years will not be organized by tearing Holi and Sarangi Holi. In addition, the famous Beawar king in the state will not be riding this time. The famous koda kill Holi in Bhinay town will also not be held.

Jaipur: There will be no splash, no colourful programmes, no urban dwellers.

The Holika combustion programme is organized on a large scale by the Royals at the City Palace in Jaipur. Here, the tradition of Holika combustion is played from Raiyaasatakala. The main programme on behalf of the former Royals is held at the City Palace.

It is the first to burn the former Royals Holika and then the entire city is held. From here, people burn holika in the city with a flame from Holika. The Holika combustion here goes in a complete traditional way. But this time the tradition will be played only in the presence of former Royals members. There will be no splash, no colourful programme, nor a holika to take the heat after combustion.

अजमेर जिले के ब्यावर का बादशाह मेला-फाइल फोटो

Udaipur: Holi festival to be celebrated symbolically

The cultural programme at Udaipur City Palace and Jagdish Chowk will be celebrated only symbolically this year. At the same time, Holi will be strictly monitored by the district administration and police administration in other places in the city to adhere to the corona guideline.

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