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Reet decides in 3 days on the date: CM’s committee, after the report, will take a final decision; Minority Commission directs to change exam date due to Mahavir Jayanti

  • The REET exam is now proposed on Sunday 25th April, the same day Mahavir Jayanti is also there
  • The National Commission for Minorities has written a letter directing them to change the date of rait
  • Many student organisations, including jain society, are demanding change of exam date.

The government has come into action after the directions of the National Commission for Minorities not to conduct the Rait(REET)examination on the day of Mahavir Jayanti i.e. 25th April.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has sought a report in three days by constituting the Committee in the matter. The Committee will submit its report on the legal and practical aspects of the directions of the National Commission for Minorities to get rait or other dates on the day of Mahavir Jayanti. The Committee’s report will be decided at the chief Minister’s level.

On 26th March, the Committee will give
three days time for the report to the Committee. Now, on 26th March, the Government will consider on the basis of the Committee’s report to get rait on the day of Mahavir Jayanti or move forward. The Jain society was protesting from the beginning to get rait on the day of Mahavir Jayanti. The issue was raised several times during the budget session in the Assembly also.

The people of Jain Society staged a dharna in the capital last day and also demanded a memorandum at different levels to keep the Rait examination on a day other than Mahavir Jayanti. But there was no demand to change the date of examination. Now, the National Commission for Minorities has instructed to change the date.

REET-2021: National Commission for Minorities directs government to postpone April 25 exam; Jain society objected to exam on Mahavir Jayanti

Education Minister says, the committee’s report will be
decided after the education minister Govind Singh Dotara said that the chief Minister has sought a report in three days by forming a committee. The committee’s report will be decided. On Tuesday itself, the National Commission for Minorities has written to Chief Secretary Niranjan Arya directing the Rait examination not to get Mahavir Jayanti. Now, as long as the Committee’s report does not come, there is once again confusion about the dates of rait. More than 16 lakh candidates have applied for the examination.

The Board of Education chairman had said, “It is not
possible to change the date.” Jaroli had said two days ago that rait would be held on the scheduled programme on April 25. Because, before and after, no One is vacant for Sunday exams. There are examinations of various recruitment agencies every Sunday. The main examinations of the Central Board of Secondary Education and the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education will be held in May. Even in June, there is no Sunday empty sight for rait. The board has no option but to hold rait on April 25.

He said that the examination centres for Rait have almost become final. Dr. Jaroli has asked the candidates to prepare for the exam. 16 lakh 40 thousand 319 candidates have applied for rait examination.

Board President Dr. Jaroli says, no one will be vacant for Sunday exams before and after April 25, soon to be finalized exam centre

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