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7,000 pumps in the state closed, people wandering around

More than 7,000 petrol pumps across the state are closed at 6 am on Saturday. They will remain closed till 12 pm. In the meantime, not only the big drivers but also the two wheeler drivers are facing a lot of difficulties. In Jaipur, 6 coco (powered by petro company) pumps are open. The strike in Alwar has not affected the state. The pumps are open here due to differences in the association. The scheme of Oil Filling, Reward Pao is being implemented. On the other hand, emergency vehicles like fire tenders, ambulances and other vehicles are being supplied during the strike. Sriganganagar in the state has the most expensive petrol in the country. The petrol pump operator sitting on dharna here said, ‘Vat rates have come down’. –

A strike has been called under the banner of Petroleum Dealers Association to protest against overcharging of VAT. In the nearly 18-hour strike, 7,000 petrol pumps in the state will remain completely closed, while in some districts including Jaipur, directly operated pumps will remain open. There are six pumps in Jaipur where huge crowds are being seen.

Where how much VAT

Rajasthan is charging the highest VAT. Here, 36 per cent VAT is being charged on petrol and 26 per cent on diesel. In Madhya Pradesh, 33 per cent VAT is on petrol and 23 per cent on diesel. Similarly, Gujarat has VAT on only 20.1 per cent petrol and 20.2 per cent diesel. Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana and Punjab also do not have that much VAT. Rajasthan Petrol Pump Dealers Association has demanded reduction in VAT. Even after that, if VAT is not reduced, there will be an indefinite strike in the state from April 25.

Coco pumps open in Jaipur

There are six koko pumps at six places in Jaipur, which are operated directly by the companies. These pumps are not affected by the strike, but many times more drivers are queuing up here than usual. HPCL pump in front of Vidyadhar Nagar, HPCC petrol pump near Civil Lines Metro Station on Ajmer Road, IOCL and BPCL petrol pump on Sahakar Marg, BPCL pump as soon as it comes down from Aver Bridge at Sitapura on Tonk Road, IOCL pump at Agarwal Farm Mansarovar are open.

256 petrol pumps closed in the capital till 12 pm tonight, but coco pumps are open at 6 places including Vidyadhar, Sahakar Marg

श्रीगंगानगर में बंद पड़े पेट्रोल पंप।

Petrol pumps closed in Sriganganagar.

Impact of bandh in Sriganganagar

The bandh has had a huge impact in Sriganganagar. People are reaching most of the pumps, but they have to return to Barang. There are about 150 pumps in the district, which sell about 1000 litres of petrol diesel. There is a difference in the rates of petrol and diesel in Punjab adjoining Sriganganagar. People in some villages fill petrol and diesel from neighbouring Punjab. Petrol in Punjab is Rs 92.16 a litre while in Sriganganagar it is Rs 101.25. While the diesel rate is Rs 83.16 in Punjab, it is Rs 92.23 a litre in Sriganganagar.

अजमेर में पेट्रोल पंप पर ग्राहकों के लिए संदेश लिख दिए गए कि क्यों बंद है?

Messages were written to customers at petrol pumps in Ajmer as to why it was closed.

Long queues in Ajmer

160 petrol pumps in Ajmer remained completely closed from 6 am. There was movement of people at pumps on all major routes but petrol had to return without any petrol. Ajmer Petroleum Dealers Association Secretary Deepak Brahmwar said that vat at par with neighbouring states could lead to a huge price difference. There are different types of VAT in the districts of the State also, it should also be the same.

Impact of oil ban in Barmer

Drivers in the district have been struggling to fill petrol since morning. Despite prior information, a large number of people kept their vehicle tanks empty which became a source of trouble on Saturday. Petrol pump operator Paras Jain has said that the move is causing inconvenience to the public but if VAT is reduced, it will directly benefit the public.

बीकानेर के जैसलमेर मार्ग पर बंद पड़ा एक पेट्रोल पंप।

A petrol pump lying closed on Jaisalmer Road in Bikaner.

Petrol pumps lying in Bikaner

About 150 petrol pumps in Bikaner were closed since Saturday morning to protest against VAT, which will remain closed till 12 pm. Meanwhile, all the pump operators put up NO ENTRY boards in front of their pumps with drums and ropes. The Dudi petrol pump is crowded from morning till night but even the ekka dukka driver was not seen on Saturday. Similarly, petrol pumps remained closed on all National Highways including Jaisalmer Road, Jaipur Road, Jaipur-Jodhpur Bypass, Nagaur Road.

अलवर में पेट्रोल पंप खुले रहे, जहां पेट्रोल डलवाने पर स्कीम भी है।

Petrol pumps remained open in Alwar, where there is also a scheme for petrol input.

Pumps open in Alwar, fill oil-get reward

Meanwhile, several petrol pumps remained open in Alwar. There are boards here to get oil filling prizes. In Alwar, drivers are not facing any problem due to this reason. Work is going on as usual at some petrol pumps there. Pumps in Alwar are open because the Alwar Petrol Dealers Association has less coordination with rajasthan petrol dealers association. Once the Alwar Association called for a bandh, there was no cooperation from other places. Due to this, this time the Alwar pump operators have not supported them in the bandh.

Impact of strike in Nagaur

There are 350 petrol pumps in the district and on an average about 2,000 litres of diesel and 800 litres of petrol are sold every day. It is estimated that the strike will affect the sale of 7 lakh litres of diesel and about 3.50 lakh litres of petrol at 350 petrol pumps operating in the district.

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