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Woman dies 15 hours after vaccination

The woman died about 15 hours after vaccination at Shahjahanpur in Alwar. The woman was 53 years old. Family members say he was in good health before getting vaccinated. He also worked in the field during the day. After the vaccination, the health worsened at night and died. Doctors say the woman is feared dead from a heart attack. Because, the cause of death after so many hours of vaccination cannot be the vaccine.

The vaccine was vaccinated after 12 o’clock in the day, the deceased
was identified as Birma Devi at 3 pm. She lived with her son and daughter-in-law at Saini Mohalla in Shahjahanpur. The woman received the vaccine after around 12 a.m. on Wednesday, April 7. He died after around 3 pm. The woman had a complaint of nausea after being vaccinated. Which everyone considered to be a common symptom.

Family members said the woman kept telling her son during the day that Ji was running. They are dizzy. The son spoke to the doctors. He explained that this is a common symptom. This happens in somebody. But, at night, the health worsened. The woman was taken to the hospital after her health deteriorated. Doctors there declared him brought dead.

Medical history, not work done in the field during the day

Family members said the woman was not ill. He also had no medical history. The woman had worked in the field during the day. It was from the farm that she went straight to get the vaccine done. The CHC in-charge said that the vaccine vial from which the woman was vaccinated. Out of that, 9 others were also engaged. All of them are in good health. The cause of death is not clear.

Medical Board to conduct post mortem

The postmortem of the woman is being conducted by the Medical Board. Dr Vikram Yadav, who was on the board, said that the patient was kept in observation for 20 minutes after being vaccinated. The woman was fine after vaccination. If there was any problem with the vaccine, it would have happened in 20 minutes. We have also taken a sample of the heart. There is a high risk that the woman may have suffered a heart attack. This is our primary opinion. The rest of the medical board has conducted a post mortem. Where can something go only after his report comes out?

Neemrana SDM Yogesh said that the exact cause of death will be revealed only after the post mortem report is received.

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