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Everything You Need to Know About SEO and its Types

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation, abbreviated as SEO, is the application of various techniques to optimise our content so that it gets discovered on a search engine. Using SEO and SEO types is the practice of increasing website traffic by improving the quality of the content. 

There are numerous websites listed on a search engine which provide with content searched by a person. To rank above the other websites and among the topmost websites, search engine optimisation techniques are used. 

How SEO works? 

Every search engine’s work is to demonstrate the best content to the searcher. It is the content available on the website which will determine whether the search engine finds it relevant or not. SEO includes the following:

  1. Traffic quality – The quality of traffic which comes to our website is justified only when the searcher receives the information which he/she was looking for. If a person bounces back after coming to our website, it means he didn’t find what he was looking for. 
  2. Traffic quantity– If the people coming on our website convert to customers, we can say that our website has quantity traffic and the more the traffic, the better the ranking.

Types of SEO-

SEO is one of the most important aspects in the world of internet. One needs to know the SEO types if he/she wants to prosper in the digital world. Following are the SEO types which one should excel at. 

1. On-page SEO 

When the individual web pages are optimised to rank higher and earn more material traffic on the website, it is on-page search engine optimisation. This strongly affects the website ranking. To ensure the effectiveness of on-page SEO, the following should be kept in mind.

  • Targeted keywords must be present in the title. 
  • There must be only one H1 on each page.
  • If possible, keywords should be put in the URLs.
  • There must be ‘alt text’ attached to the images.
  • The pages should load fast. Slow loading pages increase bounce rates.
  • The web pages must be mobile-friendly.
  • The content on the web page should be useful for the searchers.

2. Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO techniques include practices which help strengthen the reputation and authority of a website. It is important as it helps the search engines believe that the content on the website is relevant and of good quality, because the website is reliable and a reputed source. The most significant technique of off-page SEO is creating back-links. Not only the number of back-links is important, but also their quality.

Other techniques include the following.

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO 
  • Grey Hat SEO   
  • Negative SEO 
  • Technical SEO 

SEO is made up of various elements which make your website more visible. Knowing all the elements and SEO types can make a website rank on the top. The SEO elements include

  • Keywords 
  • Content 
  • Title
  • Back-links

All these elements when used together correctly make your website visible. When a searcher lands on your website and finds what he/she is looking for, then it can be said that SEO techniques have given a positive result. SEO is a vital tool in that makes a digital marketing company prosper. Apart from this, it is also a tool which can help you build awareness of your brand, and thus turning visitors to prospective customers. 

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