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flights to udaipur

Flights to Udaipur: Air Ticket Offers & Discounts, Udaipur Flights 2020

In this article, you will get to know about all the flights to Udaipur, and you will also know what the ticket price is going to be and what will be the best and affordable air travel for you.

As we know that due to Coronavirus, all international and domestic flights were banned by the Indian government.

But now, according to the situation, the government has given instructions to restart domestic flights on 25 May.

For those who want to go to Udaipur, it has become very important for them to know which flights have been started for Udaipur and what the ticket price is going to be.

In this post, you will get to know which flights are going to Udaipur from many places in India and how to book them and with this we have to travel with complete safety due to Coronavirus.

Let’s get start.

Flights to Udaipur from Mumbai

Buses and trains usually take at least 15 hours to reach Udaipur from Mumbai. But cheap flights have made this journey enjoyable and these flights are able to reach your destination in just 1.5 hours.

In the season, expensive fares charged by buses and have to wait for months to get the train reservation done.

But apart from these, what is the option for the middle class people?

The simple answer is flights. Exactly.

Now flights are not as expensive as we used to think. Know how.

First you have to find out Best Offers & Discounts

A lot of agencies for flight booking are available through the apps and websites. These apps are providing a lot of offers and discounts to increase their revenue.

Before booking a flight, we have to find out the best flight booking apps that providing offers and huge discounts.

Let’s understand it with an example.

I discovered the service with the best offers and discounts in which I found Flipkart Flights most beneficial and when I saw the offer price of Flipkart, it was quite an affordable price.

I think this price is cheaper than an AC bus’s double sleeper.

Let’s look at the picture below.

Flight fare from mumbai to udaipur

Searching for Mumbai to Udaipur flight for 10 June 2020, I found that IndiGo is the cheapest flight and combined with Base Fair + Taxes + Convenience Fee and less discount, then flight ticket from Mumbai to Udaipur costs only Rs. 3223.

Flights from Delhi to Udaipur

Traveling with bus congestion from Delhi to Udaipur can prove to be dangerous in the view of epidemic like coronavirus.

By bus from Delhi to Udaipur, it takes nearly 12 hours of long time and could be more expensive than we think.

So why not Book a Flight, Here are some Flights from Delhi to Udaipur

Flights from Delhi to Udaipur

I searched a flight from Delhi to Udaipur on Flipkart flight and I got this result in which I got IndiGo 6E5041 of Indigo Airlines on 11th June at Rs 2894. (This price is exclusive of Convenience Fee).

So what will be the final amount to be paid after discount?

Let’s click on Book Button and apply discounted coupon code + my flipkart supercoins and got the following results;

Airfare from delhi to udaipur

Only Rs.2611 to travel from Delhi to Udaipur by air and I think it is more profitable than bus or train travel.

So don’t worry about flight booking and tickets and save your precious time and have a happy air journey.

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