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LLB Admission MLSU Udaipur

LLB, BA LLB admission in MLSU Law College Udaipur

Students interesting to study law such as BA LLB, LLB, and LLM can get their enrollment done online at MLSU Udaipur and the last date for online admission is 31 July.

Online applications are being received by the university and the process of admission has started on 11 July 2020 onward.

Course Duration and Seats

Explaining course duration and available seats are one by one as follow-

  1. BA LLB 5 Years Integrated Course – 120 SFS Seats.
  2. LLB 3 Years course 120 Regular + 180 SFS seats.
  3. LLM 2 Years course 40 Regular + 80 SFS seats.
  4. PGDLL 1 year course 60 Regular Seats.

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Where to apply

Application form can be filled only through online mode on University Website from 11th July onward. Addmission will be made on Merit Basis and counselling.

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