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Energy Conservation Day today, MPUAT saves 30 Lakh electricity

Udaipur. December 14 is marked as Energy Conservation day. By installing solar plant, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture Technology (MPUAT) saves an electricity bill or worth 1.25 crores.

Railway, too, gets a bill of 30 lakh less after installation of solar plants. The electricity department says that each home has a capacity to put 3.5 mega watt solar plants, but till now only 36000 units of solar energy is produced.

If we plant a solar panel at our homes, we can also save 10000 rupees on our electricity bill. This is a benefit to the environment as well.

The lasting age of solar panels is 25 years. And the installation charges are also recovered in 4 years. It does not even require much space too. So, it is in favour of both, the environment and yourself to have a solar plant in your home.

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