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Udaipur News - 6 Positive of family

6 Corona Positive of the same family in Udaipur

On Saturday, 5 members of positive woman’s family were found positive in Savina area of ​​Udaipur.

The administration has imposed curfew in Savina and the surrounding area after the woman arrived positive on Saturday night.

There is curfew in Udaipur city near New Bhupalpura, Savina, Gairivas and Debari at present, Corona positive report came out in the 28-year-old women from Savina region, as soon as the department came to know about the ninth positive patient near Savina Petrol Pump.

Corona Virus Outbreak India

The officers reached the Savina area with intensity. Here, he transported the positive woman and her seven relatives to the hospital in a separate ambulance without any delay.

So far, Udaipur Coronavirus info says, eight positives were found in the district, out of which two have been discharged, while seven are currently in treatment, including a new patient.

Corona Positives in Udaipur increased to 14

After taking samples of all the people who came in the close contact of the woman, their report came on Sunday morning. In which five more people have been found infected.

With this, the number of corona infected patients has increased to 14 in the Udaipur District.

Seeing the steadily increasing number of corona patients in the city of districts, it can become a matter of concern for the district administration and medical department.

However, after the positive arrival of the Titardi resident women, all the people who came in contact with her were taken to the hospital by ambulance and they were quarantined immediately and it is being told that some time ago this woman had a mild cough and fever after that.

It was screened at MB Hospital after showing up at the nearest health center.

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