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Chances of strict lockdown in containment zones in Udaipur from Wednesday

After the new guidelines issued, Udaipur collector Mr Chetan Devda has called for a meeting where he will discuss and decide the areas which will come under containment zones.

The most affected areas are sector 3,4,5 14, Amba Mata, Malla Talai, University road, shobhagpura, fatehpura, bhopalpura, pratap nagar and badgaon block.

It is also decided that the shops within 100 metres from the place of the affected person will remain closed. The containment zone will be declared for 7-14 days. Permission to move out will only be granted for medical or emergency purposes.

The neighborhood and close contact people will also have to be quarantined as according to the instructions. Police will give strict duties in such areas.

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