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Corona Update:
Corona infection takes off in Udaipur, 496 new infections in 7 days

The corona infection in Udaipur has once again started taking a virile form. In Udaipur, 82 new infected patients with coronavirus have been reported on Thursday. After which the total number of infected patients in Udaipur has risen to 7917. Out of the infected patients on Thursday, 54 are from the urban area of Udaipur while 28 are residing in the rural areas of Udaipur. Of these, 7 are coronavirus warriors, while 18 are people who come in close contact with infected patients in the past. With this, corona infected patients have been found at 57 new locations in Udaipur.

496 newly infected patients in 7 days
The number of coronavirus infected patients in Udaipur has been increasing day by week since the Deepsav. In Udaipur on Thursday, 82 infected patients with corona virus have come. There are 75 on Wednesday, 86 on Tuesday, 61 on Monday, 72 on Sunday, 56 on Saturday, and 64 infected patients on Friday. In the last 7 days, 496 new infected patients have been exposed in Udaipur. However, out of the total infected patients 7917 in Udaipur, 7410 patients have so far returned home. At present, 426 active are left with coronavirus in Udaipur.

After the ever-increasing infection in Udaipur, chief medical and health officer Dinesh Kharadi has also appealed to the general public to take precautions. Cwho Dinesh Kharadi has said that colds, cough, cold, but doctors ‘ opinions and proper treatment are done.

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