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Coronavirus: India records 20,346 new covid cases

India reports 20,346 new covid cases in the last 24- hours. The tally for the total coronavirus cases is now around 1.03 crores and there have been 1 crore recoveries till now.

Now, the total number of active coronavirus cases is around 2,28,083. There have been 222 deaths in the last 24 hours, which gives you a tally of 1,50,336 death toll in the country.


The coronavirus vaccine test will be held across all the states and Union Territories on January 8. Meanwhile, in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, the tests will be held on January 5 and January 7.

Delhi and Karnal will be the national hub for the delivery of the coronavirus vaccine in north India. Similarly, Kolkata will be the hub for eastern regions.


Although, the Ministers reports 71 UK variant viruses in India till now. Approximately 28 are reported in Delhi, 28 in Pune11 from Bengaluru, and 3 from Hyderabad.

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