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dr satya prakash mehra

Dr Satya Prakash Mehra of Udaipur awarded with the Chris Freeman honour

Advisor of the Rajputana Society of Natural History, Udaipur, Dr Satya Prakash Mehra was felicitated with the Chris Freeman Scientist Award for his contribution in the department of environmental science. He was presented this award in an online webinar held on the 75th anniversary of the United Nations on Tuesday.

satya prakash mehra winning award in webinar

Dr Mehra studies the environmental science for the past 23 years. He engages others, especially the youth too in his studies and contributes his part to save the environment. He is the Principal of Agrawal Girls College, Gangapur. He has also served the World Bank in their environmental protection projects.

He has also contributed to the wildlife protection and has amalgamated normal people to employment in the same. He is dedicated to train his students by scholarly and co-curricular means about the progress and importance of environmental protection.

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