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farmers protest

Farmer protests: They refuse to the food offered

New Delhi. Hundreds of farmers are protesting on the UP nad Haryana border. The farmers agree to stop the protest only when the government agrees to repeal the three laws passed by the parliament.

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Gill appealed to the Union Minister Amit Shah and the farmers to find a resolution and stop the protests. It is visible that the agitation among the farmers is affecting Punjab’s economy and nation’s security.

The farmers even denied food offered by the government saying, “We brought our own”. The farmers have been waiting for a decision in their favour for 8 days. They finally had a meeting today with the officials, where they presented the inadequacies of the law and their apprehension in the first half.

farmers protest

The second half of the meeting will focus on the government’s vision where Piyush Goyal, agriculture minister Narendra Tomar and junior minister Som Prakash are expected to speak.

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