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Godi media against farmers

According to farmers, Godi media is a media which follows Modi Government and shows false information to the people.

The farmers said,” media have made things worse so don’t cover us. Also, the farmers are especially angry with Republic TV, Zee News, and NDTV as they are showing false information on their respective TV channels.

These lines specially refers to NDTV anchor Ravish Kumar who is known as lapdog of the Modi Government. Now, this term is very familiar to people and is used to refer TV channels who make fake news according to their ruling party.

At the time where some farmers have lost their lives and lakh of farmers are camping about the issue in deadly winters at various border of Delhi , demanding PM Modi’s to interact with them and solve the particular Issue. In this also media adds fake news and said ” PM Modi has met farmers to show people that the Government is really concerned about the farmers issue but at last it was revealed that the information was totally a fake news

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