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Queens Destiny of Dance Movie

Queens! destiny of dance, A Madan Paliwal Production Movie

Queens! Destiny Of Dance is the story of an upmarket hijra community that is headed by their queen, Charector name is Guru Amma of the queen.

Madan Paliwal, MD of Miraj Group has produced this movie and it is on of the failure of his production.

Movie Synopsys

Queens! – Destiny of Dance is a film which takes one into the heart of an up-market hijra community run by a lovingly-firm mother-figure called Guru Amma. The story is told through the eyes of a young hijra called Mukta – the archetype of hijras – beautiful, the best dancer in the community, a natural leader whom all the other girls look up to, and potentially the next Amma of the community.

That is until the entry of a total stranger into their midst – a young 16-year old whom Amma names Nandini. Right from the outset Nandini is an enigma and a mystery – where has she come from? Who has sent her (if at all) and the purpose of her coming? And what really is she? Is she in actual a goddess as Amma resolutely believes her to be? Is she a female? Is she male? Is she a hijra?

The mystery persists throughout. However, with Nandini’s coming, things start going drastically wrong in the community, which ultimately compels Mukta to pursue the truth. And this is when worse events begin to unfold, which swiftly move upwards to a tense-ridden and shocking climax where the price that Mukta must pay is both exacting and terrifying!

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