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Shilpgram Udaipur 2020 – Cancelled for the first time due to Covid 19

Shilpgram is one of the most beautiful festivals held in the City of Lakes, Udaipur. The literal meaning of Shilpgram is the village of artisans. It showcases many handcrafted works or skilled craftsmen from all over the country.

Shilpgram Udaipur

But for the first time it would not happen. It us because of the covid 19 that Udaipur and its people would not be able to embrace Shilpgram in 2020.

Corona is highly increasing and therefore one cannot risk their lives. To follow the protocol for covid and the guidelines provided by the Government , it would be in everyone’s best interest that the beautiful festival remains cancelled.

Shilpgram Udaipur 2020 will not be happening this year. The festival generally starts from December 21 and ends on December 31.

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