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Udaipur farmer receives ₹3.71 crore electricity bill due to server fault

The electricity bill of ₹3,71,61,507 for my shop. My shop was closed during the Corona virus-induced lockdown. I hardly used electricity,’ said Pemaram Manaram Dangi of gingla village in Udaipur.

A farmer in Rajasthan’s Udaipur received a whopping electricity bill of over ₹3.71 crore apparently due to fault in the server of the electricity department’s computer. The bill was later rectified and the farmer was asked to pay the actual bill of ₹6,400.

“I received the electricity bill of ₹3,71,61,507 for my shop. My shop was closed during the coronavirus-induced lockdown.

I hardly used electricity,” said Pemaram Manaram Dangi of Gingla village in Udaipur.

BJP leader Gulab Chand Kataria attacked the state government over the incident and alleged that many people were getting electricity bill of over one lakh rupees.

“I have been informed that Pemaram, a farmer from Gingla village got a bill of ₹3,71,61,507. Thousands of people in Rajasthan are receiving electricity bills of over ₹1 lakh. It can create law and order problem in the state.

The electricity department officials should take care of this and ensure that there is no malfunctioning in their system which can create problems for people,” Kataria said.
NL Salvi, Chief Engineer in the electricity department said that the error has been rectified.

He said the mistake happened either due to server of computer which led to double feeding or due to human error.

“I want to appeal all the electricity users to highlight any such incident. It will be rectified,” he said.

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