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What is Covid-19 Containment Zone? Udaipur Declared as Containment Zone

The containment zone is the specific geographical area and decided by the RRT based on the extent of cases/contacts listed and mapped by them.

However if contact listing/ mapping is taking time (>12-24 hours), then on arbitrary basis demarcate an area of 3 Kms radius around the epicenter. This area of 3 km radius will be the containment zone. If required, based on the mapping of contacts and cases, the containment zone will be refined.

The containment zone will be divided into sectors with 50 houseseach(30 houses in difficult areas). The sectors will facilitate all activities for containment as described in the ensuingsections/ paragraphs.

The District Collector/District Magistrate will be Nodal person for cluster containment in their respective districts.

What is Epicenter?

Epicenter is the Resident where corona petient found.

Buffer Zone:

A buffer zone of an additional 5 Kms radius(7 Kms in rural areas)/administrative boundary of including neighboringdistricts/per-urban zoneshall also be identified, as detailed in the cluster containment plan.

Udaipur Declared as Containment Zone

On Saturday, the city of Udaipur was declared a Containment Zone after the Covid-19 cases had increased sharply and the number of positives increased to 103.

District Collector Anandi declared the Municipal Corporation area of Udaipur as a MAHA CURFEW ZONE.

As of 6 May Wednesday, the number of corona positives in Udaipur was only 22 and today, on 8 May Friday, the administration is shocked when 57 new cases found.

The number of Corona Positive in Udaipur City has reached 103. On Sunday, 9 more patients were found to be corona positive and the total number had risen to 112.

Restricted in Containment Zone?

  • Movement of individuals in and out of their homes is not allowed
  • Visiting grocery stores and pharmacies is also not allowed
  • Media not allowed in the area
  • Outlets like banks, ATMs, post offices will remain closed
  • For people engaged in essential services, going out of the house without a valid movement pass is prohibited
  • Walking in parks/ community areas is not allowed
  • Entering the sealed zone or gathering inside it

Allowed in Containment Zone?

  • Home delivery of essential items like groceries, medicines, and dairy products by government authorized delivery personnel only
  • Going to the hospital for medical emergencies 
  • Ambulances with special permission
  • Rigorous door-to-door monitoring
  • Sanitisation of the area

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